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Derisa W. Everton

Seattle, USA


“I started diamond painting in 2020 and I love this new hobby. I recommend everyone to try diamond painting. Many thanks to My Diamond Painting for the support.

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Oregon, USA


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Anna J.



Custom Diamond Painting


Now convert your own photos into amazing work of art. Take your photos to the next level with custom sparkling diamond paintings.

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What is Diamond Painting? 

As the name suggests, a painting made with diamonds is called diamond painting. Diamond painting is an upgrade to the old cross-stitch method. Now you can create some amazing and sparkling paintings with your own photos. 

When you purchase a diamond painting kit from our website, you get all the required tools and accessories to complete the artwork. 

In the kit you get some sparkling 5D diamond, which you have to place on the sticky canvas to complete the painting effect. It is that simple. 

So what are you waiting for? Grab some amazing diamond art and take your home decor to the next level.

Don’t Stress, Just Paint!!

The customer satisfaction our first priority. You will get all the high quality stuff to get started with your diamond painting journey. We also make sure that you get a safe and secured payment method. 

Our diamond painting kits included 

  • High-quality sticky canvas with wavy edges
  • Diamond painting accessories like pen,wax, and tweezers tools.
  • Sparkling 5D Diamonds

Diamond painting Instructions


Square vs. round diamonds?

Square diamonds provide a fully complete feeling in the diamond painting. Square diamonds are a bit less shiny but preferred by most of the customers.

Round diamonds are gives a more shiny look to the painting and easy to place.

3d vs 5d Diamonds?

It is all about the facets of the diamonds. When a gemstone has five facets, it is called a 5D diamond, and when it has three facets, it is called a 3D diamond.

5D diamonds are shinier than 3D diamonds. At My Diamond Painting we only sell 5d diamonds.

What is in the diamond painting kit?

Our diamond painting kit have all the required tools and accessories to get started with your painting journey.

We ship high-quality product in our kits. You will get Diamond applicator + tweezers + glue + tray Small diamonds in a zipper bag.

Frequently asked questions about diamond art..

You just need to place some diamonds, or we can say gemstones on the numbered sticky canvas.

The canvas is consists of some shaped and numbers, you just have to match those numbers with diamond and place the diamonds on canvas to complete the painting.

It totally depends on the size of the diamond painting and complicity of the painting. It may take around 2 days to around a month to complete a diamond paitning.

Diamond art kits are suitable for all age groups. We have many diamond painting kits for kids and adults. 

Yes, you can frame your diamond painting easily. We can also send you a diamond painting frame if you want.

You can select a diamond painting from a variety of options on our website. If you want to create a diamond painting with your own photo, you can do that as well.

Diamond paintings are proven to reduce stress and spread happy hormones in our body. This is the best growing hobby in last 3-4 years.