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Diamond Painting tutorial

What is Diamond Painting? | The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

You must be thinking what is diamond painting? Yeah! We knew, that you are an amazing artist who wants to explore the new era of paintings that is called Diamond Art. What is Diamond Painting? Diamond painting is an upgrade to cross-stitch, or we can say that this is a perfect blend of cross-stitch and […]

Diamond Painting Framing

How to Frame Diamond Painting? – Step by Step Guide

Are you ready with your amazing artwork made with sparkling diamonds? We know that it takes a lot of time to complete a diamond painting. Framing a diamond painting is the final task to make your painting more beautiful. We hope the result of your painting is amazing and now you are thinking that “How […]

Square vs Round diamonds

Square Vs Round Diamond? Best For Diamond Painting

Hello, amazing painters!! Do you know there are many types of diamonds are offered by MyDiamondPainting? Then we are here to let you know that we offer a variety of diamonds like square/round/special shaped diamonds for your amazing diamond paintings. It would help if you were confused between Square Vs. Round Diamond. If you are […]


How to Seal Diamond Painting Like a Pro?

We know that completing a painting is a little bit long task and can take up to a month. By the way, it depends on your speed and the size of the painting. After the completion of your painting, you must be thinking about how to seal diamond painting? Don’t worry we are here to […]

Diamond Painting Storage Ideas

7 Amazing DIY Diamond Painting Storage ideas

If you are a diamond painting lover and have multiple diamond paintings in your home, you must organize your diamonds in storage boxes. These Diamond Painting Storage ideas will help you to achieve this goal. We send the auto zipping containers or, say, plastic zip-lock pouch with most of our kits, but we suggest using […]

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